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One Family One Meal was founded on the belief that families do not need to feed children separate, pared down meals every night. The kitchen and dining room table can be the foundation for bringing families together to share healthy, nourishing meals. One Family One Meal simplifies cooking for busy parents by providing family-friendly recipes, menu plans, and customizable shopping and budgeting tools. By following the One Family One Meal program, your family can save hundreds of dollars every year.

Amanda Amanda Haas, Founder

Amanda was born to eat. So it was no surprise when she took a job with Williams-Sonoma after college. For 7 years, Amanda worked for the company she had always admired. In 2001, she left to pursue her dream of attending culinary school. Following graduation from Tante Marie's Cooking School in 2002, she tested recipes for the founder's cookbook and began to teach classes at the school. She also returned to Williams-Sonoma for a three month stint in their test kitchen, allowing her to hone her recipe development skills. Amanda then launched Proof Recipes and has since tested and developed over 400 recipes for dozens of cookbooks, including the IACP Cookbook of the Year recipient A16 Food + Wine. In addition, Amanda was the culinary producer for the James Beard Award-Winning Show "Bay Cafe with Joey Altman" for two seasons. Over the past 4 years, Amanda has filmed over 50 instructional cooking videos for Williams-Sonoma which are featured on their website at www.williams-sonoma.com . Her most meaningful project to date has been the launch of One Family One Meal. She loves hearing that her recipes have helped families sit down together at the table, and that young children have become more open to eating new things. Launching One Family One Meal has allowed Amanda to support some amazing endeavors. Currently, Amanda is proud to be partnering with Revolution Foods.

Amanda lives with her husband and two sons outside of San Francisco. When she’s not cooking, she’s busy enjoying the Bay Area with her family and deciding where to eat next. You can always find chocolate, olive oil, and onions in her pantry.

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Andy Smith, Chief Marketer

Our Chief Marketer, Andy Smith is the author of The Dragonfly Effect and a Principal of Vonavona Ventures where he advises and bootstraps technical and social ventures with guidance in marketing, customer strategy and operations. Over the past 20 years, he has served as an executive in the high tech industry leading teams at Dolby Labs, BIGWORDS, LiquidWit, Intel, Analysis Group, Polaroid, Integral Inc. and PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

As a guest lecturer at Stanford's Graduate School of Business, Andy speaks on social technology, engineering virality, and brand building, with a focus on applying technology to address real problems. He is a contributor to GOOD Magazine, where he writes on businesses that embrace and integrate a social mission. He has also spoken at The 140 Characters ConferenceSocial Media Breakfast, World 50, Marketing Week, TechCoire and Interbrand, and is on the boards of 140 Proof, ProFounder ,LIF Brands, EveryWun, and One Family One Meal.

A permanent transplant to the Bay Area from New Jersey, Andy has studied in The Parthenon, lived in a converted South African prison, and counts a regiment of Windsor Castle's Scots Guards among his friends. Andy's a gardener, gadgeteer and a serious tech geek and also the creator of "The No Cookie Diet" which he's still on two years later. Once bumped from a flight that tragically crashed, he has since learned to accept travel mishaps, and most everything else, with equanimity.

Andy earned his MBA at UCLA's Anderson School and holds an Economics degree from Pomona College.

Follow Andy on Twitter: @kabbenbock

Inken Inken Chrisman, Chief Recipe Developer

Perhaps you could say Inken Chrisman was destined to work in the food industry. Her Opa (maternal grandfather) was the son of a Berlin baker, served as the manager of the Metropolitan Club in Washington, DC and was a whiz in his home kitchen. Her Oma (paternal grandmother) spent most of her life on the family’s farm and could rarely be found outside of the kitchen. Inken spent hours as a child watching and learning from her grandparents, her first culinary heroes. Needless to say, her genuine love of food was very well nurtured from a young age by both sides of the family.

Inken graduated from the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, VA with a degree in American Studies and Spanish (if you’re ever in C’Ville, you must try a sandwich with house dressing from Take It Away – the greatest little sandwich shop on earth!). She worked for four years as an Account Director with the Corporate Executive Board and also worked part-time as a freelance writer for the DC Beverage Journal. Inken moved to San Francisco in 2007 and was inspired by the Bay Area’s fantastic food culture. She decided to follow her passion for food and enrolled in Tante Marie’s Cooking School, graduating in 2010.

Inken is thrilled to be a part of One Family, One Meal and believes firmly in the ability of food to bring people together and help them connect.


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